Dodge Firearrow IV Convertible

Dodge Firearow IV Convertible


In 1953 and 1954, Dodge created a handful of very special concept cars bearing the Firearrow name. To this day, experts count the Firearrows among the most beautiful and distinctive Dodge vehicles ever built.


The four-seat convertible shown here is Firearrow IV, the final edition of the series. Like its predecessors, the Firearrow IV was a collaboration between the Chrysler design director Virgil Exner and famed stylist Luigi Segre of the Ghia design house in Turin, Italy. The 119-inch wheelbase chassis and Red Ram HEMIĀ® V8 engine were standard Dodge Royal production components, while the body was hand-formed in sheet metal by Ghia craftsmen.


At this point in the development arc of the Firearrow, Dodge executives were seriously considering the car for volume production. As a result, the Firearrow IV was constructed as a complete working prototype with a functional convertible top, side-door glass and full road gear. Interior appointments on the prototype included black-and-white leather upholstery in the flamboyant harlequin pattern shown here, which made for a striking contrast with the lipstick-red exterior.


Unfortunately, the plans for series production never worked out. Only the single prototype was ever built, but luckily it still exists in immaculately restored condition. In 2007, Firearrow IV sold at auction for $1.1 million, and it resides today in a private collection in California.




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