The Dodge Heritage Series: Part 8, 1990-1999



Welcome back to the Dodge Heritage Series, a 10-part exploration of Dodge brand history. This is Part 8 in the series.


The 1990s brought a new vision at Dodge, with fresh ideas and a vibrant new product line. The roster of all-new models,   marketed as “The New Dodge, ” included the Viper, Durango and Intrepid, to name but a few.


Introduced in 1993, the Intrepid (above) was the Dodge version of Chrysler’s stunning “Cab Forward” LH platform, a total rethink of the traditional family sedan. All four wheels were pushed out to the corners of the chassis for maximum passenger space, while other people-first features included standard driver and passenger airbags and a child safety seat built into the center of the rear bench seat.  Two available V-6 engines, 3.3 and 3.6 liters, were coupled to an advanced electionic automatic transmission.


The 1997 model year brought the Durango, Dodge’s hot new entry in the full-size SUV category. Replacing the utility-oriented Ramcharger, the stylish Durango (below) was packed with all the latest luxury and convenience features, including three-row seating, heated mirrors and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls. For performance-minded drivers, an R/T version with 5.9 liter Magnum V-8 was introduced.


Speaking of performance: In January 1992, the incredible Dodge Viper became available to the general public. One of the most potent sports cars ever produced in America, the two-seater was powered by an exotic, all-aluminum V-10 engine and boasted race-tuned suspension and brakes. Now in its fifth design generation, the 2014 Viper retains its crown as one of the world’s great sports cars.


Read Part 7 of the Heritage Series for more Dodge history. Also, be sure to visit the Heritage Wall section of the Dodge Power Rallye Tour, a traveling Dodge-based experience showcasing the best in performance vehicles. You can find the schedule of Tour events here.




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