Road Trip of the Week: Chicago to Indianapolis

There’s no place that feels more American than the good ol’ Midwest. It’s a land of farming, football, and, of course, the open road. Get back in touch with the country with a few days (and a few good meals) in the heartland.

Chicago, IL
Start your trip with a hearty (but healthy) breakfast at M. Henry’s on the city’s North Side. Then enjoy the view of Lake Michigan while driving down scenic Lake Shore Drive  to the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the largest art museums in the US. While you’re there, you might as well do a little shopping, so take a drive down the Magnificent Mile and hit the shops.

For lunch, grab a slice of Chicago’s infamous deep-dish pizza at Home Run Inn near I-55 S. Since you’re right across the street, walk it off with a stroll around Piotrowski Park.  Head back to the South Side to spend the evening singing the Chicago blues at the Checkerboard Lounge.

Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis is a straight two-hours shot down I-65. NASCAR fans can spend a whole day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and its Hall of Fame Museum. After you’ve fulfilled your need for speed, Refuel at the award-winning doughnuts at Long’s Bakery before hitting the road again.

Fort Wayne, IN
Head Northeast on I-69 to Fort Wayne, IN for your last stop. Relax and enjoy some great food. Start by carbo-loading at Spyros Pancake House. Before you head back to Chicago on I-90,  hit the Coney Island Wiener Stand  fora mid-western style hot dog done up right with grilled onions, mustard, and chili.

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