The North Georgia Mopar Club – Making a hobby out of giving back

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Sunday, November 21, Morrow, Georgia – Rick Ellis, President of the North Georgia Mopar Club, wants you to know that loving Chrysler products is more than just a hobby, it’s a reason for folks with a common interest to come together and do some good.


Founded in 1990 by four guys who shared a love for all things Mopar, particularly the A-Body vehicles (Plymouth Duster, Dodge Dart, Plymouth Barracuda, etc.) of the 1960s, the North Georgia Mopar Club’s goal was to give Mopar vehicles stronger representation at local automotive events. Twenty years later the club has grown to more than 350 members from all over Georgia and the southeastern United States.

Rick, who has always been a “Mopar guy” offered this explanation for his involvement with the Mopar enthusiast community: “My wife is to blame for this! In 2000, she got one of the first Chrysler PT Cruisers and joined a PT Cruiser club.” Rick’s wife joined the club before she even had possession of her PT. The overwhelmingly popular Cruiser was delivered on a Thursday and by that Saturday she was on her first cruise.

“My wife was having too much fun, so I had to go out and get a Chrysler Prowler, ” Rick continued. “It’s one of the last Prowlers ever made and I love it!”
After many years as a club member and then vice president, Rick was given the opportunity to succeed president Chris Street when Chris stepped down. Rick had just retired from law enforcement and had the time to get more involved with the club.

“Chris started a lot of momentum with the club’s involvement with charities, and I wanted to maintain that momentum into my presidency, ” Rick said.
Chris echoed Rick’s statements. “I can’t say enough about this club, ” he said. “We’re more than just a group of gearheads – we’re a group of caring, giving people.”

The North Georgia Mopar Club gave more than $13, 000 to charities in 2009, and they’re hoping to top that by the end of this year. Charities gifted include the N.G.M.C. Hero Fund (, Victory Junction Gang (, Rainbow Village, Inc. (, Angel Flight (, Toys for Tots (, Susan G. Komen for the Cure ( and Hot Rodders Children’s Charity (
And here you thought the most charitable thing Dodge owners ever do is allow you to pass them on the highway every once in a while!

Heather Heughens


  • Gordon Gant
    Posted November 29, 2010 at 6:28 pm | Permalink

    I was interested in the silver Charger SE with the vinyl top and opera windows. My Dad had a 1973 Charger SE that was a chestnut brown with gold metal flake paint job and a 400ci motor and factory mags. It was a beautiful car and drove smooth as silk but it was stolen and never recovered. Is the silver one like it? How much?

  • Chris Street
    Posted November 30, 2010 at 10:13 pm | Permalink

    The silver Charger is a 74′, last of the “coke bottles”, intresting story behind the car, I picked it up from a fellow member to resell to the TV show Burn notice. They were looking for a close up “hero” car, we had the deal done, and all I needed was the cash and a delivery date, but they kept putting me off, finally the producers backed out of our deal….why I asked, since they said both of their cars were “junk” (using their words), no explanation could be pulled out of them, finally the series premiere came out and I had my answer, they were now sponsored by Hyundai………from a Charger to a Hyundai!!!!!, Please!
    During all the back and forth my 12 year old son fell in love with the car and I have since promised it to him as his first MOPAR.
    To answer your question about how much, the car is a 318, bucket seat console car, so it is not a performance car but it does cruise fantastic, I have about 10k in the car as you see it.
    They are still out there, and can be found very reasonable now with the economy in the tank,
    Check out Mopar Collectors Guide, or Old Car Trader from Auto Trader to find a good one, or join your local Mopar club and you may be surprized at what finds you….That’s how the green
    Challenger convertible came to us….
    Thanks for your interest, and visit us at

    • Posted May 24, 2012 at 12:33 pm | Permalink

      i would check and see who put the new engine in,and what went wrong w/the old one.if your ansrews are good ones andyou feel ok with them.the price isn’t say the pictures look good,and no rust is visible.i would ask about the frame and transfer case condition.then it would be up to you again if your comfortable with the ansrews. yee-haw 4 wheeling

    Posted November 30, 2010 at 10:30 pm | Permalink

    Hey Chris, that’s a nice story and a nice turnout. I just do not understand the reason people purchase Hyun dies. Do they have no sense of pride? They just look ugly and cheap. Oh well. I am glad it worked out for your son. The last of the good looking Charger two doors. A very sleek looking car.

  • julie
    Posted April 15, 2015 at 10:06 am | Permalink

    I have a 63 dart. Slant 6 for sell. It needs restored or would be great for parts. Where would be a good place to advertise

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