NAIAS 2009, UPDATED: All Circuits Busy With Dodge in the News…Before the Show Begins?

Hard to ignore all these stories popping up…but officially, we’re not releasing anything official yet here.

Athough, here’s a story at Edmunds Inside Line that mentions Dodge. And there’s a few others around the Web that seem strikingly similar, like this story at Autoblog. Just so you know the buzz is beginning…it’s NAIAS time!

Stay tuned. And watch our official unveiling and presentation LIVE from the show floor here at Noon, Eastern Time on Sunday morning by clicking here.

UPDATE: We’ve been scoping out the floor since 8:00 and now we’re here in front of the Chrysler stage, resisting the urge to pull the strings on the car covers in front of us and reveal all the glorious sheet metal beneath. Everyone here has a camera in hand and the Dodge vehicles are getting a lot of attention. Less than 30 minutes to go!


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