Dodge Spotting

As a certified, dyed-in-the-wool car fanatic, I love to drive. Anywhere. And it’s not just about the excitement and fun of sliding behind the wheel of that magical Blue Streak Pearl Challenger of mine, but the possible encounters I’ll have along the way. Oftentimes, it’s a stoplight conversation, which usually starts with “’Nice car! How do you like it?” at which point I express my love for the car and encourage my new friend to test-drive one. Yet there’s something else that I look forward to just as much:


Dodge Spotting.


Dodge Spotting


The train aficionados have the whole idea down to a science, heading out to the tracks to see a particular engine or series of cars as they make their way from place to place and sharing these sightings with their like-minded pals. Car folks, well, we have it a bit easier, as we can take in the sights while we head to our destinations. And I have a blast doing this. Sure, traffic can be a bore, but I find, more often than not, that there’s always something interesting in the line of cars ahead or to the side, and when it wears a Dodge badge, the hunt becomes exponentially more interesting! I have this ever-growing mental list of cool cars I’ve seen on the street, broken neatly into categories like “Nice Wheels, ” “Outstanding Stance” and “How Rare Is THAT?!, ” which receives a lot of attention by way of real-time updates and reviews. It truly makes me glad that I’ve yet to run out of memory. And if I did, I’d most likely just elect to overwrite more nonessential things, like the grocery list or how to tell time.


It has never gotten old for me, either. That same skip of the heart, the quick rush…that “Look over there!” moment when I spot a Charger or another Challenger, or a restored or tricked-out classic. Something stirs, and for as long as I can recall, it’s always been the same feeling. I make those mental notes about the Phantom Black Charger or the Header Orange Dart GT I saw while hopping on the freeway, and grin just a bit. Even better are those moments when I encounter another Challenger, and its driver and I each give a little wave, acknowledging that we’re both keeping entertained and enjoying another drive. That little moment of camaraderie can make even the worst day just a bit brighter. Strangely, I’ve never experienced anything similar regarding a pair of pants or shoes, and probably for the best, really. That could be a bit odd. Thinking about it, though, consider how many other people must own a similar shirt to yours, and yet we’d probably not think about that as we walk around. I’d have to theorize, then, that it’s got a lot to do with the excitement that a Dodge can create in traffic. Classic, aggressive and, I have to admit, a constant source of that goofy grin on my face.


Here’s hoping that you’ll return my wave or nod of approval should we meet on the street one day, and that you’ll know that I’m adding your ride to my “Dig What I Saw Today” list.


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