Hell On Wheels: Inside Hübinette’s Dodge-BF Goodrich Challenger

In late 2009 after a series of unfortunate events, legendary drifter Samuel Hübinette found himself without a team, a sponsor or a car. Undeterred by the obstacles, Hubinette formed his own team, Samuel Hübinette Racing (SHR) and set to work building a brand new drifter. With Dodge’s official sponsorship, SHR begin assembling the Dodge-BF Goodrich Challenger and readying it for competition. On the weekend of April 9th, the finished product was revealed to the world for the first time at the 2010 Long Beach Grand Prix. Powered by an aluminum 410 cu.in. Mopar V8, Hübinette’s Challenger pumps out 865-horsepower, 685 lb.-ft. of torque, making it easily the most impressive entrant at Round 1 of 2010 Formula Drift season opener. The 50-odd cars running against Hübinette made a valiant effort, but not even the most clapped-out Scion could compete with the Challenger. Hübinette wrapped up the monster’s inaugural run with a respectable 6th place finish and enough points to kick the season off on a high note. “We put this team together in just more than two months, ” said Hübinette. “It is an incredible accomplishment, finishing the car in a period of six weeks and then to get to the event and finish 6th over all.”

To put that extremely brief timeframe into perspective, imagine trying to build a Formula Drift-spec racer – from the ground up – in less time than it takes your wife to clean out her closet. When CarDomain caught up with Hübinette’s crew back in late March to check on the progress of the drifter, it was still little more than a roll cage and a heavy-duty suspension. In less than a month, the SHR team managed to complete the Challenger and the result was, to be colloquial, kick a**. Not convinced? Don’t worry, we’ve got video evidence. Hit the jump to check out the impressive spec sheet and exclusive footage of Hübinette and Dodge Motorsports’ Brian Viger tearing up the track at Long Beach.

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