Watch Jay Leno Hit the Challenger Engine Block Party

Did you miss out on our Challenger Engine Block Party in L.A. last Friday? Well, now you can get the next best thing: A peek at some video from the festivities, featuring Challengers in various colors and styles, plenty of neon, and a slew of Dodge fans — including the biggest Challenger fan of all, Jay Leno. Thanks for coming out to show off your Challenger, today is your lucky day! The SRT Engineers are sitting down at LXForums this evening (Wednesday, December 2, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm Eastern) to answer any SRT-related inquiries from you.

The thread has already been opened for your questions here.

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Talk To the SRT Engineers Today from 6 to 8 pm Eastern

Race Your Own Viper for $40! (…in Forza Motorsport 3)

Gamers and motorsports fans are both on cloud nine with the release of the much-anticipated Forza Motorsport 3 for Xbox 360. The game offers one of the most realistic racing experiences yet from a console, allowing you to race more than 100 different famous tracks and road courses from behind the wheel of your choice of 400 different dream cars. But none is dreamier than the game’s top racer: the Lux Performance World Challenger Viper.

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Race Your Own Viper for $40! (…in <em>Forza Motorsport 3</em>)