Watch SpeedFactory’s Charger Set a New Speed Record

Since we can all use a little Friday afternoon speed, check out this clip of SpeedFactory’s 426 Charger, with Eddie Rosa at the wheel, setting a new LX world record with a 9.45-second, 145 mph quarter-mile. SpeedFactory used an everyday 2006 Charger R/T — well, after they modified it with a 426 motor with a Vortech YSi centrifugal supercharger, and assorted other boosts. Thanks for helping us through Friday, guys!


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    Will this motor be optional for the 2011 Chargers and Challengers? I really think the mopar community is waiting for another 426 HEMI and please don’t put the liter crap on the side of the car. Thanks! Cubic inches looked sooooooooooooooooo much better.

  • moparman
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  • Flames T.
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    Hey moparman, thought you were going back to your base in Fordland, or was it GMland ?

  • 440
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    Nice !!!!!

    As real Mopar men LOVE IT !!!!!!

    MOPAR or No Car !!!

  • TAF4Mopar
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    No Dodge will NOT be using a 426 HEMI. They do offer a crate aluminum 426 modern HEMI though.

    SpeedyFactory uses the current production 6.1 and strokes them out to 426. The new 2011 LX cars are getting the 6.4 HEMI’s. is a great source for all Mopar news.

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    Make a 426 HEMI Dodge and put some excitement back into your name. Just do it!

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    A streetable 426 HEMI option for the Challenger and Charger. Just do it!

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    The numbers 426 are world renown by any car enthusiest. The world is waiting for the rebirth of the ultimate engine. Just do it!

  • SRT8forever
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    You are such a tool. The current Challenger/Charger LC/LX are awesome cars. No one gives a s**t what you think or say because all you ever say is negative crap. You are in no way shape or form a “Moparman” you troll, go back and play with your import!
    REAL Mopar guys LOVE these cars and are thankful that we even have a RWD, Hemi V8 option in 2 or 4 door trim in 2010. Get over yourself!

  • HEMIhead
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    Right On! SRT8forever. Couldn’t have said it better.

  • vinny
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    my car is just a tad slower then that chaerger and yes mine has a 426 supprcharged monster with 720 hp

  • David Patton
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    After warming up the tires: No fanfare, no skidding, little smoke, just a workmanlike 9:45/145 with ye olde Torqueflight shifting briskly. Looked like he was just in a hurry to get to work. The most impressive part of this is how unimpressive it was!!

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    now thats 1:33 – 1:48 glory

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