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The Dodge 440 Magnum Six Pack



Dodge history is rich with memorable and mind-blowing engines. Here’s yet another powerhouse under the hood: the 440 Magnum Six Pack.


Introduced in 1969, the Six Pack took its name from its wild induction system: three giant Holley two-barrel carburetors, providing six throttle valves in all. Factory engineers took the already muscular 440 Magnum engine, removed the single four-barrel carburetor and intake manifold and swapped in a special high-rise manifold to accommodate the triple carbs. Capable of flowing over 1, the Coronet Super Bee was a perfect fit: The bumblebee tail stripes and cartoon bee mascot were standard equipment. The concept was wildly popular—in fact, you can still buy a Super Bee today.


The Super Bee was introduced in mid-1968, and to tell the whole story, it wasn’t a Dodge original. At the start of the model year, Dodge’s sister brand Plymouth launched a…

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1969 Coronet Super Bee