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And Then There Were Three

As stated previously, SMS Supercars was the last stop on the HEMI Highway Tour. And even though torrential rain had dashed much of our hopes for a huge finish in SoCal, we were astounded by the undying support of those who still showed up in defiance of Mother Nature. These Mopar Folk are absolute die hards, to say the very least.

Let me introduce you to three diehards from the newly formed West Coast Challenger crew: Greg Miller, Larry Corbett, Read More

And Then There Were Three

SRT Engineer Chat on LX Forums


The Street & Racing Technology (SRT) division and its incredible performance vehicles and parts, will be discussed over at a forum that takes it a step further. Loaded with excellent information (and sprinkled with a little automotive technobabble for good measure, of course), the SRT Engineers Roundtable over at the LX Forums features live discussions with none other than our own SRT engineers. You read that right. Car talk doesn’t get much better than that, I stumbled across a place called National Speed in Wilmington, NC. It’s a small, well-dressed performance shop with a floor clean enough to eat off of.
They tweak and tune everything from 4-cylinder pocket rockets all the way up to V-10 powered Vipers. And it’s that diversity of projects that has National Speed poised to become the next big name in the tuner game.
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The Moment Of Truth