What’s Your Favorite New Dodge Spot?

It’s a tough pick, we know. We all have our own favorites among the new crop of Dodge commercials, which began rolling out in December and are continuing up to the Super Bowl. But now we want to know which one of the new ads YOU like best. You can watch them all after the jump, then vote for your favorite spot in the poll over to the right! (And please don’t be biased for the one that we put at the top — we’re just kind of partial to that one.)

Dodge Grand Caravan/Charger/Journey: “Family”

Dodge Journey: “Call Them” (Highway Safety)

Dodge Grand Caravan: “JD Power II”

Dodge Charger: “MDS” (aka “Semi-Hemi”)

Dodge Charger: “Craft Man Ship”

Dodge Charger: “Mayans”

Dodge Charger: “Man Bag”


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