Dodge Weekly News Wrap Up


As you get ready to head out this Memorial Day Weekend, we wanted to share with you some of the great things that happened this week. On Wednesday, we hit a “Major Milestone”  and repaid our government loans in full and six years ahead of schedule. Our rebirth is still ongoing and we still have a lot to accomplish but the future is looking bright.


We also attended a major event in the New York City with hundreds of lifestyle bloggers. They had a chance to take our refined 2011 Dodge Avenger through the streets of the Big Apple for some fun excursions.  These folks were quite impressive with the new interior along with the handling and performance. We think we made some converts!


Click on the links below for all details on this week’s top story and enjoy the long weekend – we all earned it!




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    Everyone thinks it way a bailout, however, Chrysler took out some high interest loans from the government and paid them back.  Nobody ever hears that story.  In fact, Ford received some loans, however, they were from a different government agency with lower interest rates.  Why does the media hate Chrysler so much?  They bend over backwards to praise the Japanese who along with the Chinese have devistated our economy.  All the government officials take the bribes from these countries as long as they build a plant in their state.  Short term, it employs some of the people from their state.  Long term, most of the profits go back to Japan, etc. and lower paying jobs are created lowering our country’s standard of living.  Unvbelievable.  Good job Chrysler paying back your loans.  I know you are partially owned by Fiat, but the jobs are staying here and more product is being exported to other countries so it is a win win situation.  Much better than the Daimler fiasco. American muscle with Italian style…a good combination.

  • 440
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    Pretty much spot on !!!
    I even heard Toyota,BMW got hundreds of millions U.S taxpayer money..YES,U.S government money(not a loan pure money) for greener cars or some b.s like that…..they dont pay it back..
    I dont have a problem with the government giving loans for a company,hell..they waste billions on aid to foreign countries and it only goes to the dictators and not the people it is supposed to help…
    also,look at the billions they waste on funding for the art’s ,the junk they paint looks like a blind monkey could do,and the sculptures are pure junk,I should get a grant (taxpayer money) for $1.5 million to make some  art sculpture and painting in 5 minutes,then have a bunch of stuck up dolts ,look at it while they sip wine and say how great it is and what it means…meanwhile some drugged up skiny  broad is dancing in the back ground pointing her feet over her head waving a scarf all over the place,that is considered a good investment of tax payer monies (I dont think so)meanwhile they complain about giving a car company money,that they actually pay back,at high interest and not the arts,they never pay it back,think of all the billions they waste on that crap each year,decade ect…
    This world is totally b.s in alot of ways !! I am so,so glad Mopar is still here so I can buy a new HEMI Mopar vehicle,hammer the throttle ,burn some rubber and forget about all of the media,art ,political correctness B.S…Long Live MOPAR  !!!!

  • HEMIhead
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    Congrats! Chrysler on this milestone. Three years ago I was having panic attacks reading all the automotive news, and the bailout fiasco, and state of the US economy. This reality today is a much better view of Chrysler, and had it not been for the hemorrhaging of Chrysler’s cash by daimler, you would have easily pulled through it all. Glad you made it,
    and glad you have some great automobiles to offer. 
    Long Live Mopar!!!!

  • Sam Balidio
    Posted June 8, 2011 at 6:13 am | Permalink

    I would like to know why is Dodge Caliber RT/AWD 2.4L engine overheats when ever I climb over 4k elevation. I have spoken with the Service Manager Mr. Michael J. Nicosia of Chapman Dodge of E. Sahara of Las Vegas, NV., and to this day I still don’t have any answer… Please advise. t/y…

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