From High Impact Paint to Heritage Hues

Back in 1969, Dodge Division and Chrysler started a revolution—a revolution in color. To this day, the auto industry has never been the same.


Dodge was already offering some of the most muscular cars of the muscle car era—awesome machines including the Hemi Charger and the Super Bee. Company designers decided to rev up the cars’ visuals to match, creating a far-out assortment of exterior paint colors. The flamboyant hues were given equally wild names, including Panther Pink, Sublime, Plum Crazy, Go Mango, Citron Yella, and Top Banana.


Known as High Impact Paint or H.I.P. (hip—get it?) these special colors generated a big buzz in the showrooms and launched an industry trend. The color palettes used by all the automakers were opened up, giving paint designers more creative freedom. Today’s brighter, bolder choices in exterior colors were directly influenced by Dodge’s High Impact Paint back in 1969.


And if you think this first batch of H.I.P. colors was wild, here are a few more tones they brewed up in the lab: Catchme Copper, Statutory Grape, Gang Green, Hi-Ho Silver, and Unforeseeable Fuchsia. However, these paints were considered too extreme even for the High Impact program, and they were never used in production.


At Dodge, the beat goes on today in exterior colors. Updated versions of the H.I.P. hues are still periodically offered from year to year, both as standard and for special, limited-edition vehicles. The main difference now is the paints employ advanced multistage color-coat/clear-coat technology. With only minimal maintenance, colors stay bright and lustrous and hold their shine for the life of the vehicle.


And there are more colors offered all the time. Two very special colors available on the 2013 Dodge Challenger are the original Plum Crazy and HEMI® Orange. Now known as Heritage Hues, the colors are just as outrageous and exciting as they were back in the day. For more info, see your local Dodge dealer or visit


Top Banana

Plum Crazy


Go Mango

Light Green Metallic


HEMI Orange

Furious Fuchsia

Blue By You



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