Watch Now: “Don’t Touch My Dart” Commercials

Comedians and actors Craig Robinson (“The Office”) and Jake


Here at Dodge, we take building cars seriously. But that’s not to say we don’t have a sense of humor. Take the latest advertising campaign for Dodge Dart, for example. We handpicked two of the funniest comedians around to show you what it’s like to own a brand-new Dart and what it’s like to wish you did.

Enjoy the first four videos in the series, and keep an eye out for more.


Don’t Touch My Dart | Garage Door / Mmmm Mmmm

Description: No one can touch Craig Robinson’s Dart. Not even his best friend/neighbor. How would you prevent someone from touching your new car?


Don’t Touch My Dart | First Scratch / Too Precious

Description: Some people say that you can’t enjoy your new car until you get the first scratch out of the way. Craig Robinson has a new Dart, and he is not one of those people. Are you?


Don’t Touch My Dart | Voice Touching

Description: Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson attempt to answer the age-old question: Can you touch a car with your voice? Not Craig’s Dart.


Don’t Touch My Dart | Birdhouse / Police

Description: Craig Robinson discovers Jake Johnson mounting a birdhouse above his precious Dodge Dart—thankfully no birds were in the area.


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