A match made in HEMI®.

A Match Made in HEMI



It was a match made in HEMI® heaven when Michael and Marisa Bogdanoff met in 2011 through their local Challenger club, where Marisa sparked the interest of Michael with her screen name “RTGirl1” in the club’s forum. “She let me explain stuff about the cars and asked me questions about upgrades and mods she could do to her Challenger,” said Michael. Needless to say, his first impression had him head over wheels.


A few months later, they went to the “Horses-to-Horsepower” car show where it wasn’t just the HEMI engines causing all the heat. The two took a cruise in Michael’s Dodge Challenger after the show where they talked for hours. Their passion for their “SUPER SWEET Dodge Challengers,” as Marisa describes it, was just the starting line of their love story.


On March 24, 2012, thousands of Dodge and Chrysler enthusiasts attended Springfest 7, the largest LX event of the year. They both had been looking forward to this gearhead gathering for months.


“What I didn’t know is that Michael had been planning since December to get up on stage and propose! This was my first SpringFest and a day I will never forget!” said Marisa as she beamed brighter than HID headlamps. Michael got down on one knee over a white Dodge Challenger.


A Match Made in HEMI


A Match Made in HEMI


A Match Made in HEMI

The two got married at the California Automobile Museum on December 1, 2012, with their Challenger on stage behind them.


“I had no idea that purchasing a car would lead me to so much happiness. The Dodge Challenger is an awesome car. But it led to me joining a car club where I have met so many wonderful people. And then the club led me to meet the most wonderful person in the world. Marisa has brought out the best in me and has made me happier than I have ever been. Every day with her is a reminder of how great my life has become. And now I get to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful person whom I love so very much!” –Michael Bogdanoff


Happy Valentine’s Day to the Bogdanoffs and our Dodge fans everywhere.



  • Lisa Hensley

    Omg! I am so proud and happy Mr and Mrs Bogdanoff! I love u both! PS, I did tell her to buy the car, and join the club! Lol!

  • -tully

    Love my babies and am such a proud momma!

  • Sue Jorgensen

    This is AWESOME! Happy Valentines Day.

  • Julie

    What a story! And ….. they really are as happy out of their cars as in their cars! A long and fantastic marriage to both of them!

  • Alisan

    Wonderful story, and much happiness ahead too! Happy trails, Love Alisan

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrea.v.pizzi Andrea Vaccaro Pizzi

    awesome story! May you have many happy years of cruisin’ together! ! ! ! !


  • 1finechally

    Love stories with a happy Hemi ending!