Challenger GT AWD and Dart GLH Concept Cars Turn Heads

Mopar® rolled out a pair of show-stopping Dodge brand concept vehicles, featuring custom and concept Mopar parts. The Dodge Challenger GT AWD and the Dodge Dart GLH concept cars are rolling proof that Mopar can take any type of vehicle to the next level. 

Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept 
Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept 

Mopar gave Dodge fans a glimpse into the potential future of the muscle car in the Dodge Challenger GT AWD concept vehicle. That’s right, all-wheel drive. Get behind the wheel of this beast and you can drop the hammer on a 5.7-liter HEMI® V8 that throttles out 75 extra horses thanks to a Scat Pack 3 Performance Kit and enjoy improved traction no matter what mother nature throws at you. 

Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept 

The Challenger GT AWD bulges at the seams thanks to Mopar’s concept wide body kit and its massive wheel flares housing concept Mopar five-spoke wheels: 20-inch x 10-inch on the front and 20-inch x 11-inch on the rear. A front chin splitter and a rear spoiler provide both form and function. 

A modified Mopar lowering kit adjusts the Challenger GT AWD’s height and dampening for a more aggressive look and, when combined with the production Mopar performance front and rear strut tower braces, improved handling. 

Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept 

Mopar wrapped the entire package with a Destroyer Grey and Matte Black paint scheme set off with Header Orange stripe, mirror caps, as well as the grille and taillight surrounds. In the Dodge Challenger GT AWD, Mopar has created an apex predator that can hunt down other muscle cars all year long. 

Dodge Dart GLH Concept 
Dodge Dart GLH Concept 

The mother of Dodge high-performance compacts, the 1980s-era Dodge Omni was the first to wear the GLH badge. It stands for Goes Like Hell — and should shine some light on what Mopar had in mind for the Dodge Dart GLH concept vehicle. 

The Dart GLH concept rides on lightweight Mopar 18-inch wheels, painted anodized black, with matching Mopar center caps. An upgraded Dodge Dart high-performance brake kit by Mopar ups the stopping power while a cat back exhaust system adds an aggressive growl. 

Dodge Dart GLH Concept 

Get behind the wheel and you’ll find all-black Katzkin leather seats modified with concept red mesh seat inserts and red stitch accent touches on the bolsters and armrest. The enhanced interior adds extra performance with a Dodge sport steering wheel, Mopar pedal kit, Mopar shift knob, Mopar premium carpet floor mats and Mopar door sill guards featuring the Dart logo. 

Dodge Dart GLH Concept 

Cloaked in Pitch Black with minimal red highlights rimming the lower body, a shout-out to the original Omni GLH, the Dodge Dart GLH features a production front fascia with concept grille details and a Mopar Performance aluminum hood available on the 2016 Dart GT. The Dart GLH gets its aggressive stance from the same Mopar lowering kit used on the Challenger GT AWD concept. Combine it all with a Mopar body kit that includes a production front chin splitter, side sill accents and rear fascia diffuser and you’ve got a concept that looks agile, mobile and hostile.


  • Quentin Wynalda
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    Is there going be any engine upgrades to the Dart GLH? Are they going to stick with the 2.4L? The interior upgrades look and sound great. But the point of a GLH is to GO LIKE HELL! how are they gonna accomplish that?

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