Dodge and Keselowski Win Big at Bristol


“What can I say?” said a joyful Brad Keselowski from victory lane at Bristol Motor Speedway, NASCAR’s fastest half-mile oval. “I love Bristol and Bristol loves me.” The happy Dodge pilot had just scored his second straight win on the tough Tennessee track. After winning the previous NASCAR Sprint Cup event at Bristol last August, Keselowski locked down another victory in this year’s spring race.


Keselowski dominated the high-banked oval, leading 231 of 500 laps in his Penske racing Dodge and holding off a final challenge by Matt Kenseth. Keselowski and Kenseth had run away from the pack as the laps wound down, but Tony Stewart smacked the wall on lap 478, triggering a caution flag that bunched the field behind them. Keselowski aced the last restart and outpaced Kenseth on the final run to the checkers. The Keselowski family enjoys a winning tradition with Dodge: Brad’s dad Bob and Uncle Ron raced Dodges in the NASCAR Grand National Series back in the ‘70s.


“I’m just thrilled to death to be here in victory lane at Bristol again, one of my favorite places for sure. If this team keeps performing like they are, we’ll get more, ” said Keselowski. Last season’s win at Bristol earned Keselowski and Penske Racing a wild-card berth in the 2011 NASCAR chase for the Sprint Cup. This year Keselowski intends to race his way into the title chase through the front door. “The goal at Penske Racing is to win a Sprint Cup Championship. One win certainly doesn’t achieve that, ” he noted. “But it’s a great start.”


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    I’m a 100% Dodge Girl and have been since  a Child! I admit I yell and scream for The Dodges as much as the talented drivers!! I was so Happy you Won!! A Dodge Won on my Daughter’s 28TH Birthday! What a Win. What a Ride and Gift!! I honestly think if I weren’t such a Dodge lover/Believer I wouldn’t be here! When I got Cancer. After all of my long, painful Chemo & other treatments my Treat for it, was my Daughter & husband would drive me past the New Dodge Challengers! I dreamed I get one if I lived!! I’ve not to date, even had a ride in one! But we have zero income! Some of the best things in  life is Free!! The Gift of a Dodge Winning on my Daughter’s birthday. My favorite “318”!! Way to go Dodge, Brad, & your Racing Team!!! Keep up the Good work!! GO DODGE~!!!!  Thank you!! As long as there’s Dodges in Racing and talented Drivers like Brad!! I’m a Big Fan!!

  • MOPARrules
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    Keep winning Penske.  Win the championship this year while you are still with Dodge!

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    Congratulations, Brad…win the championship for Dodge!

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    Sweet Dodge Good Beer Great Driver

  • HEMIhead
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    Congrats Brad Keselowski on the win! Go get that championship!

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    Love it, Oldest power plant on the track and still gett’n it done!!!  Too bad SRT Dodge Motorsports couldn’t come to terms with Penske racing, it’s been a great combination. Penske didn’t want to be the lone Dodge team? That’s just dookie. Hopefully next year Penske drivers will be staring at the rear rend of the new SRT Dodge Motorsports 2013 Charger and he’ll eat’n some some over cooked crow.
    Looking at it another way, if Brad stays with Penske next year, him and cousin Carl can trade paint’n panels between two fords and leave the Dodge’s to victory lane!!! If Dodge doesn’t make Brad Keslowski a sweet heart deal to keep in a Dodge, some executive needs therapy. He’s been the best thing going for Dodge brand since sliced bread. Keep up the good work Brad, keep drive’n the wheels off that Charger right into Victory Lane!!!

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      I think that is too much. He should be ssedunped but don’t take him out for the season. NASCAR made the rule not Carl Edwards, he just tested the limits of it. Plus if you set that high of a precident you will be cutting off the hand that feeds you when Tony Stewart or Jeff Gordon does it in a few weeks.

  • HEMIhead
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    If there is any Dodge teams in Nascar next season, then Brad Keselowski needs to be a part of it! This guy is going to be huge, and is on his way to being the face of greatness. Watch this guy on TV, listen to him speak, watch him drive, and you tell me if he’s not the perfect fit to be the face of Dodge Motorsports? This guy is awesome, to say the least. He’s taking the image of the nascar driver to the next level. I think he’s worth the investment of a Dodge team, and would provide Dodge a great spokesperson, and brand ambassador. He’s the full deal package. Brad is a Mopar guy at heart, and he needs to be rewarded, and deserves brand loyalty from Dodge. I hope he is at the top of the list for any future plans. There is not many times in your life you get to experience this type of individual. “The King” was one of them, a hero for many, a gentleman, and a Great example of the true American Spirit. Brad Keselowski is going to be the next one. Take note of this kid.

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