Durango Named “10 Best” by Left Lane News

When it comes to three-row SUVs, the competition is fierce. This hotly-contested segment has many players trying to get picked for a road trip to the top ten.


When it came time for our Durango to hit the field, the journalists at Left Lane News were quite impressed with what they saw and called it a “classy and stylish three-rower with a downright sporty demeanor thanks to its rear-drive design. All-wheel-drive is available for those who need a little more wet weather traction, as is a spectacularly powerful 5.7-liter HEMI® V8 engine”


Needless to say, our Durango got chosen as one of their “10 Best” and is now heading to the conference finals.

  • David Ballentine

    I have owned several Dodges…..96 Dodge Ram; 90 DAkota;05 Chrysler Sebring; 93 Dakota have loved them all, my favorite and hope to own someday would be a Dodge Challenger new model or a 70s model.