Win the Fast Five Charger R/T!


Win the Fast Five Charger R/T!
The action packed Fast Five movie is ready to make its debut tomorrow which means you have until this Saturday to register and win one of these specially tricked out Fast Five Edition 2011 Dodge Charger R/Ts. These 5.7L HEMI® powered machines look sinister with their matte black paint job, black painted 20-inch wheels and one of a kind Fast Five leather interior. Only five copies of these collectibles will be available for you speed junkies out there so head over to Fast Five and register for a chance to win your very own 2011 Charger R/T Fast Five Special Edition. You can also see these one of kind muscle cars coming together along with our own Ralph Gilles telling you about all the cool modifications we did inside and out. The contest runs through April 30, 2011 so step on the gas and kick it into high gear!


  • Evidanio Quinones

    The charger is a very nice one of a kind car, it would be amazing to own one for myself.

  • Daniel Cepek

    Dodge Chargers have been my dream car since I was old enough to ride a bike! I just saw the movie Fast Five today and it would be a miracle to win one for free!!

  • chargerdan

    i may be stuck in Australia but i still put in for a chance to win one of these wicked mopar charger fast 5 editions!…dont know how ide get it here if i won but ide find a way and do all i could to make it happen,good luck to all involved!:}


    I seen this at jacob javets car show in nyc and its amazing sleek,sexy,overall amazing. I would die to have this charger

  • Paul

    This is the hottest 4dr car ever made. I have made the switch from ford to dodge. The last five years all I have seen is total improvement from dodge.

  • dvntdodge

    I have submitted an entry everyday since the sweepstake began. If I win you can catch me in a city near u.

  • dvntdodge


  • LoveMyDodge

    So, who won? There are only 7 responses, pretty good odds?! I loved the movie and fell in love with the Charger, once again!! Can’t wait to own one!!

  • Paul

    The movie was outstanding the best yet. The car were made for this movie. The plot was great. Vin and the rock are great as good guys and bad guys u can’t tell who worst. In a way u cheer for both. This car at the end took the spot light pulling that vault all over Brazil. Mopar power at it’s finest!

  • Marilynne Graham

    I’ve seen previews of the movie, but, haven’t had the chance to see it….are all the stunts real????
    Some that I’ve seen I just can’t be they’re to amazing!!!!

  • dvntdodge


  • IndyRider

    Agreed, who won the goods?!!!


    I used to see a lot of cars painted that matte black primer when I used to race my cars on Southwest Military Drive in San Antonio.  Typically, the cars were all motor and they didn’t waste their money on the paint.  This has the same look, however, it should have a 392 HEMI with a blower on it sticking out of the hood.  In fact, most of those cars didn’t even have hoods on them so you could see the motor.  A hood scoop would have been nice, not just a jazzed up interior.  How do you wax a car like this or do you just wait until the rust starts coming through the paint?  Unique car and I guess I would just have fun with it. It should be worth some money in a few years. By the way, I saw the movie today and is that a great movie.  I have never seen so many cars destroyed in a film.  Action packed the whole way through.  Dodge was smart to be a part of this one.  It should help their sales. They even have an SRT8 Challenger in the end with a shaker hood and flared out fenders.  Keep the good stuff coming. 

  • http://Youtuve Juan m garcia


  • have an 1970 hemi charger!

    it would be cool to own it!