Hemi Highway Tour Hits Texas and Links Up With The 2010 All Texas LX #5


The convoy is still rollinÂ’! After all, what better way is there to celebrate your enthusiasm for the legendary Hemi engine than by getting yours out on the road? As we turned heads through Texas, we connected with the gang from DFWLX, who had assembled all five Texas clubs for a pretty amazing showing. The convoy converged on Hennessey Performance in Sealy, Texas, back on Wednesday, December 8th.

  • http://www.spacecitylx.com rob

    all five texas clubs were involved in the planning of All Texas LX….. East Texas Modern Mopar, Captial City Modern Mopar, Alamo City LX, Space City LX, and DFWLX. and when i was at Hennessey on 12/8, i didn’t see the other clubs there. just sayin…

  • http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3089456 Paladin06

    Now that’s a Mopar party.

  • http://www.dfwlx.con Pedro/DFWLX

    First off I want to say Thank you for writing up this article for us about the All Texas Event # 5. The video was done by Fred Butler/Onefast1 – Vice President of DFWLX.

    Rob/ VP of Space City LX is correct about what he wrote. Every club had a part in the planning & execution for the All Texas #5. We had a blast @ the event & look forward to next years event.

    The club in Sealy TX that went out to Henessey w/ the Hemi Highway tour was Space Citly LX from Houston TX. DFWLX was able to participate in the tour but here in DFW @ Lincoln Tech in Grand Prairie.

    Once again… Thank you RLD for the article. If you need anymore information please let us know. You have my contact information…

  • John

    Why are there no photos or comments regarding the final 2 stops in California of the HemiHighway Challenger and Charger tour that just concluded.

  • Pedro/ DFWLX

    @ John… From what i hear from Scott & Heather from the tour they are still working on covering all the stops. Just keep your eye open for more information on RLD… its coming so dont worry. Just give it time :)

  • Scott Vandekerckhove

    @ John

    Photos from our last days in California can be viewed on the Dodge Flickr page. The following link will open the album to where we started at Bob’s Big Boy. From there, you can explore the entire photo set. There’s almost 3,500 total photographs. Hope you like.



    Thanks for the shout out. We’re on it.