2004 Dodge Sling Shot Concept


The Dodge Sling Shot Concept from 2004 was designed for maximum fun and function. A light and speedy two-seat sports car, the Sling Shot combined a removable top with a three-cylinder engine that could squeeze 45 mpg highway.


Engineered from the ground up as a driver’s car, the Sling Shot employed a five-speed manual gearbox, four-wheel independent suspension, quick-ratio rack-and-pinion steering, and four-wheel disc brakes. The rear-mounted transverse engine developed 100 horsepower, shooting the Sling Shot from 0 to 50 mph in less than 10 seconds.


Inside, the cabin used machine-look metallic finishes and controls styled like engine parts to create a purposeful look and feel, evoking the powerful Dodge muscle cars of the ‘60s. For open-air motoring, the roof panel and side rails could be removed and stored in one of two available storage compartments.


“Sling Shot is a dynamic, creative look at the never-ending quest to offer visually exciting design, structural integrity, operating efficiency and the all–important fun-to-drive quotient in an affordable, entry level sports car,” said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President, Chrysler Group Design, as he unveiled the concept vehicle at the 2004 North American International Auto Show.


The Sling Shot never went into production. But what do you think Dodge fans?  With its sporty handling, removable top and impressive fuel economy, would you like to see an updated 2013 version of the Sling Shot today?


To build your own Dodge dream car, go to Dodge.com.

  • TheoTheFox

    “The rear-mounted transverse engine developed 100 horsepower, shooting the Sling Shot from 0 to 50 mph in less than 10 seconds.” You sound proud of that for some reason.

    • http://www.facebook.com/austin.redfern.9 Austin Redfern

      That is good for a 3 cylinder engine.

    • http://www.facebook.com/michael.reed.7564 Michael Reed

      when you couple that statement with “45 MPG” then think 2004 vs 2012 it sounds a bit better. Move up to some of the more recently incorporated materials and drive train engineering concepts, well all of a sudden your 100 HP 0-50 in 10, suddenly becomes 120 HP, 0-65 in 8.5, at 52 MPG. Keep the price to an “every-man’s car” and I ask you, what’s not to be proud of?

  • drowe

    Yes! It’s a fun alternative to the fiat

    • Sie Saunders


  • cponnwitz

    I would love to see this again!
    The direction of this car versus the current direction of your brand have some flaws though. The major one being horsepower! You figure out a way to keep it light and push 200hp out of it, I’m in! Transfer your Dart motor in it with a turbo, I sure this would be a helluva ride if the weight distribution is right.

    Good Luck, MOAR!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    Seems like a good competitor for the smart

  • ngonzalez

    Build it

  • Ramses

    include a hemi and give the car a more slicker design over the engine and you have something nice

    • Sie Saunders

      hemi???? they would never put a hemi in that car. part of the idea is to get great gas mileage.

      • Alfred Bundy


  • Sie Saunders

    Looks great! Im a product specialist at a Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep dealership in Northeast Philadelphia. Would definitely be an great addition to an already exciting line up.

  • sschmitt

    It would be nice to be able to drive a Dodge that looks great but can compete with the hybreds. Include a n option for awesome mileage and make it in black and I would buy one.

    • Alfred Bundy

      Screw hybrid, eco, green bs! 8 cyl Hemis, SCREAMING DOWN THE ROAD, spewing smoke and burning up the pavement!! THE WAY IT IS MEANT TO BE!!!!!!!!! The American way!

  • http://www.facebook.com/COMMANDERSRULE T.j. Burden

    I would love to own one

  • Pete

    With lines updated a bit for today’s times and perhaps an electric-assist acceleration system (High Torque direct drive motors for acceleration and gas power for cruising), I’d have one in a heartbeat. The electrics would launch it and the 3 cylinder would keep it going with great gas mileage. Since it’s not a full-blown hybrid, battery packs would only have to be big enough to get it off the line (in a hurry), and maybe power it through a turn or two.

  • Keith Johnson

    220 hp with a 6speed maybe!

  • http://www.facebook.com/MateoLocoItWorks Matthew Lucas

    Dodge will never do it without a sister car from another car company… what wheelbase will it share the Volster?

  • mary

    yes I would

  • http://www.facebook.com/paula.dantrassy Paula Dantrassy

    yes please

  • Jeff

    Yes, maybe as an plug in hybrid or as an all electric car.

  • http://www.facebook.com/doomsayer182 Blake Eaker

    It looks pretty “tight” (in a good way) but only production if the cost is low with multiple options ( for example: uConnect 730n RHR, remote start, etc for base price)….probably won’t happen though.

  • 2b1ask1

    Looks like s Smart Roadster Coupé

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sam-Richardson/1479720282 Sam Richardson

      That’s actually exactly what it is. Chrysler was still partnered with Daimler at the time, so this concept would be Smart derivative.

  • Al

    Looks fun, need to improve 0 to 50 time to 5.5 or 6 sec

  • http://www.facebook.com/pete.gruppuso Pete Gruppuso

    Turbocharge it with a intercooler to get more power and better mileage

  • Real Dodge Lover


  • Austin James

    why didn’t it make it to production, maybe cause it got 45 mpg

  • 5.7literhemiman

    Make the top similar to the fiat 500 c and put in a v6. What it lacks in style you should make up in sound check out any lotus and listen to them. Having better performance than a miata is your goal with a small sports car. And its a dodge so it can’t be chick like

  • Dodge Demon

    Not into it, but I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s so that’s probably why I prefer cars like the Challenger. I say stick with that kind of car.

  • Mike

    “Lites get her done “


    Cool looking car. Update the body style a bit and it would do well. European styled car from the King of muscle cars? Why not! Imported from Detroit!