Challenger Police Car Has Hemi Highway in a Heap of Trouble


We were at our stop at University Dodge in Davie, FL last night. Broward County brought out a Challenger traffic car. The officer was a sport and agreed to help us reenact the famous “You’re in a heap of trouble” scene.


    Hey RLD, I see that Challenger is an R/T, do you sell the SRT to police departments as well? By the way, Heather looks good in that Charger. When are the new Chargers and Challengers appearing at the dealerships? You may miss the Christmas rush.


    RLD, I like the newly revised Dodge website. Can’t wait to see the cars at the dealers.

  • 440

    The ONLY Dodge cars I dislike !! You know the annoying ones with blue and red lights on the roof !!!

  • Donna Le Saicherre

    HAHA Great vid!! Looking forward to the 9th! The Pirate upgraded to an R/T and I have new 2-toned “custom” leather! YAYY!

    Come onnnn Thursday!!

  • Paladin06

    Well it beats being stopped by a Ford. LOL

  • Hitman_

    Too funny. SMILE!

  • Madcane

    Thats too funny !