2010 Dodge Journey: Amplified

Check out the funky new TV ad for the 2010 Dodge Journey here. We dare you not to nod your head to the beat. The song is so catchy, and we noticed you wanted the track. It was made especially for the new Journey ads.

Click to Hear the Song! 

(right click, then hit ‘Save Target As’ to download it)

  • kristy

    thank you for the song! i love it!

  • sizestock

    Awesome song!!! Thank you!!! Please pass along the message to the producer(s) if they put out a full length track on itunes I’m sure it will do very well.

  • Mayank

    Thanks for the song!
    pretty sexy!

  • luke

    this song needs to be made to in a full lank song
    its great

  • KS

    This isn’t a ‘nobody’ 30 second bit. Leak it’s whereabouts and he/she shall make some money.

  • Theresa

    This song is amazing, but is there a longer version?

  • SS

    Probably a stupid question, but when I right click it, there is no “Save Target As” option… only a “Save Link As” option. Am I doing something wrong?

  • jre

    It’s the same thing. . .

  • Noah

    LOVE this!!! its been on repeat for like an hour XD hope a full length one somes out soon!!

  • AXE

    Love LOVe LOVE this song. Must have full length version. Freakin’ awesome!

  • aks

    wow… I love this song. Please kick out a full length version… too awesome!

  • fts

    I think this beat is more than worthy of completing as a full length track. I’d easy throw down money to scoop it up. Awesome that I have this snippet to listen to for free as well.

  • SP65

    This is a special remix of the track “Bring It On” by GOOSE. Although its been really tweaked…

  • tulpa

    this song is penetrating
    i had to just cut it apart
    rearrange a few pieces
    make copies of a few slabs
    here and there
    and put together a little extended action

    so here is the code to check it up: http://www.mediafire.com/?3ozzehydzoi


  • cathleen

    I love it too. Came straight from the ad on tv to see if I could find it on here. But sad it’s just a little snippet. Good job Tulpa! I like what you did with it.

  • sarah

    tulpa, your extended remix is soooo good, thank you for sharing! it’s on my workout mix now :)

  • Linda

    Thanks for all of the effort you went thru to get that tune. That’s the best song for a commercial ever, ever.

  • Charlotte

    I love this song!!!! Thanks for the remix, Tulpa. :)

  • tr4petty

    I think it’s a bad sign when after watching a new Dodge Journey commercial on TV, everyone is just interested in the song played during the ad! Was this supposed to be an ad marketing the Dodge Journey or marketing a weird-sounding (my opinion) synthesized song?