Meet the Winner of our “2013 Dodge Dart – Revealed by You” Promotion


Here’s a quick shout out and congrats to Paul Merced and Hector Ruiz, the winners of our “Dodge Dart – Revealed by You” Promotion. These two Dodge fans were given the VIP red carpet treatment at this year’s North American International Auto Show, including the grand reveal of the all-new 2013 Dodge Dart. After the guys got an up-close look, we talked with Paul about his first impressions.


“It’s beautiful,” Paul said. The exterior lights stood out first. “The LED lights are very attractive. The back lights, lighting up red like the Charger – just beautiful.” As for the interior, Paul loved the advanced technology in the console, especially the huge 8.4-inch touchscreen Media Center in the console.

Paul’s final take away? “I think people will like it. I imagine a lot of people buying it – there’ll be a lot of them in the street… it gets 40 miles per gallon – that’s kind of a no-brainer.”


We like where your head’s at, Paul.

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