Dodge Daroo I


The Dodge Daroo I, one of the wildest factory show cars of the 1960s, was a collaboration between Dodge design manager Bill Brownlie and George Barris, Hollywood’s self-professed “King of the Kustomizers.”  Change was in the air and the Daroo, with its radical, cut-down profile and bold paint, made a big splash on the custom car show scene.


Brownlie sent to Barris a stock 1967 Dart GT convertible, which Barris shortened 10 inches in the rear and lengthened 17 inches in the front, forming a deep, V-shaped nose.  He then replaced the windshield with a low, wraparound plastic screen and covered the rear seat area with a fitted metal tonneau, creating the appearance of a two-seat sportster.  Simulated intake stacks and rocker panel exhausts completed the competition look.


For the 1968 car show season, the Daroo (the word allegedly meant “dart” in Anglo-Saxon) was finished in a brilliant golden-orange color called Pearl Honey Yellow. The Daroo was such a hit that it received a mild facelift and fresh lime green paint and was sent back out for a second year-long tour. The car was then retired from show duty and fortunately, still exists today in the hands of a private collector.


There was also a Dodge Daroo II, which has created some mild confusion about the identity of Daroo I.  The original Daroo was in such high demand for show appearances that a second, sort-of lookalike car was thrown together.  The Daroo II, sporting red paint and a boxy, awkward look, was a flop and was pulled from display rotation.  There is but one Daroo I, though it has worn both green and golden-orange paint at different times in its career.



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    I am sure I had this “Hotwheels” Daroo 1 car when I was a kid.

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    Enjoyed every bit of your article post.Much thanks again. Cool.

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