The Dodge Heritage Series: Part 2, 1930-1939



Welcome back to the Dodge Heritage Series, a 10-part exploration of Dodge brand history. In this post — number two in the series — we look into some of the many technical advancements made by Dodge between 1930 and 1939.


By 1930, the operations of the former Dodge Brothers Company were fully integrated into the Chrysler Corporation, with Dodge offering an exciting new lineup of advanced six- and eight-cylinder models.


The old Dodge Brothers label was discontinued on trucks in 1929 and on cars in 1930, replaced by the simpler and more modern Dodge name. However, the traditional Dodge Brothers logo with twin, interlocking white triangles remained in use until 1939. The Dodge Division was careful to keep its many old and loyal customers in the fold while introducing the brand to a whole new generation of drivers.


 With the powerful engineering resources of Chrysler at its disposal, Dodge was able to offer numerous technical innovations on these new models, including Floating Power, an engine mounting system that isolated drivetrain noise and vibration from the driver for a smoother, quieter ride. Other advances included Free Wheeling, Silent Gear Selector and Automatic Clutch, all important new driving features trumpeted in the advertisement above — which also includes a beautiful watercolor of a 1932 Dodge Eight Coupe. These wonderfully illustrated old ads have become collectibles in their own right.


In 1935, Dodge marked the production of its three-millionth car and also introduced the Windstream body design, which offered improved cabin ventilation and decreased wind noise. To close out the decade, Dodge celebrated its silver anniversary in 1939 with a two-level lineup that featured Special and Deluxe models sold under the Luxury Liner label. With its $815 list price, the fully-equipped Deluxe Sedan was designed to provide both luxury and economy. “For thrifty folks who like to go places in style, ” the ads boasted. “Words alone don’t describe it. You’ve got to see and drive it!”


Read Part 1 of the Heritage Series for more Dodge History.  Also, be sure to visit the Heritage Wall section of the Dodge Power Rallye Tour, a traveling Dodge-based experience showcasing the best in performance vehicles. You can find the schedule of Tour events here.


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