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Unveiled: Covers come off at SEMA 2010



As the doors open at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the thousands of diehard enthusiasts looking for the newest and hottest products for their vehicles stream in like a religious pilgrimage, Red Letter Dodge is embedded at ground zero (the Mopar/Dodge display, where else?).
Check out the Redline Chargers great new front end styling along the 22” wheel and tire combination.
2011 Challenger SRT8 with 392 cubic inches of pure HEMI power. 470 horsepower and 470 ft-lbs. torque should…

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Unveiled: Covers come off at SEMA 2010

Lights, Camera, Action – 2010 SEMA Show Fires Up!

As the workers hurry to finalize all the touches at the Mopar SEMA booth, Red Letter Dodge is at ground zero to offer you a behind the scenes look of the high-horsepower and cool customs from Dodge.  
From Road Racing Vipers to Drag Pak Challengers to a modern take on a classic 1964 Dodge Hemi Super Stocker, SEMA offers something for every enthusiast.


Make sure to stay tuned to Red Letter Dodge 2010…

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Father’s Day Gift Guide, Tuned by Mopar

Father’s Day is fast approaching and this year you’ve got to step your game up. When you were 9, you could get away with gift wrapping what vaguely resembled an ash tray and despite the fact that your father hadn’t smoked a day in his life, he’d still feign excitement. When you were 15, you finally got a part-time job and graduated from handmade eyesores to neckties. No matter how hideous they were, Tuned by Mopar" />