Drive the REDLINE Dodge Finalists

Now that we’ve tallied your votes and our judges have finished their long deliberation, the five finalists in the running to become the Official REDLINE Dodge Blogger have been chosen. These five individuals will be heading to the 2013 New York International Auto Show on an all-expenses-paid trip to film their audition videos for the last round of the contest. One of these talented writers will win a six-month blogging contract as the Official REDLINE Dodge Blogger, and will attend Dodge-sponsored events and receive a brand-new laptop and $10, 000. We’d like to thank everyone who submitted an entry and participated in voting for their favorite bloggers. Here are the finalists’ entries:


Lisa W.

Lisa W. from Pflugerville, Texas

Her Drive: Dodge Redline

It is time for my mid-life crisis. It is time to launch the kids out of the nest and take my own journey. The last two years of writing my own blog have prepared me to accelerate out of the house and race off in new directions. As I retire from a 25 year career of teaching America’s preschool children, I will be a mighty charger in the blogosphere. Watch me hit the black top in my silver Dodge Avenger (named Marv) as I emerge from parenting into the realm of freedom without limits. It is the perfect time in my life to sling shot past the caravan of other bloggers and drive hard to be the Dodge Redline Blogger. I am the challenger!



Cyndee H.

Cyndee H. from Mount Airy, North Carolina

Show Me Your HEMI® Engine

You could say I am not like other women….I could strip a car down and put it back together, no problem. I grew up around dirt tracks in South Carolina and getting red on a Friday or Saturday night is in my blood. Getting behind the wheel of a muscle car was like being free and the old Dodge my dad owned was my ticket to getting there. Modified 8’s was our thing, the way the motors would make you grit your teeth was amazing. Nothing better than a HEMI engine and all the power that it brings. I run my blog like that today, a well-oiled machine and I never miss an opportunity to play in the grease of a motor. I now live near Pilot Mountain, N.C. where there are some of the best car shows in the country every weekend from Spring to Fall. Never miss a chance to go and hear to motors start up and the look on the owners eyes when they say, “She’s Mine.” Now the only question is can you keep up with me?



Ian R.

Ian R. from West Falls, New York


I truly believe that I eat, breathe, and live Dodge. I am the third generation of a Mopar family and I take great pride in not only the history but the vehicles that still make Dodge so great. I am the greatest fan of both the new and old Challenger as well as the original Super Bee. As a matter of fact my grandfather owns a 1969 Super Bee with a 383, and boy do I dream of driving it one day! As I was saying, I spend a lot of my time doing research on the next best Dodge product, whether it is part of Mopar memorabilia or it has that all-important SRT badge. A lot of what I represent as a person can be defined for the passion that I express toward everything about Dodge. I will defend it to no end as I have for many years in regards to the credibility of the Viper, specifically. My dream more than anything would be to have some sort of involvement with what has been the most prominent part of my life. That one thing would be to share the love for the beauty of Dodge. Mopar forever!



Staci S.

Staci S. from Little Elm, Texas

Grabbing Life by the Charger

My dad taught me to appreciate cars from an early age. Dirt race tracks, street drag races, and a line of muscle cars embodied my childhood. As a teen, my walls were lined with cars and trucks. My friends drove classic cars and we were cruising most weekends. A chocolate soda in one hand as you strolled through the line of cars become the epitome of my high school years. Getting dirty and helping my dad and brother work on cars was what I enjoyed. Now, as the mother of 5, I had to give up my fascination with racing cars, but my love of automobiles will never die. I have many memories driving around town in a 1974 Dodge Charger. And I am even sure some of my most embarrassing moments were in a ’71 Polara station wagon as well. But, being invited to auto press events is what actually set off my blogging career and fueled my passion to continue to love cars. The smell of a new interior. Roar of a fine-tuned engine. Staying “Never Neutral.”



Brian S.

Brian S. from Gilbert, Arizona

I Bleed Blue Streak Pearl

My car guy-ness was inevitable. Born into a house with two car crazy parents, and brought home in their ’66 Charger, the universe had conspired to pave my path in life with remnants of vaporized tires. My interests were almost always tied to cars in one way or another, and I found a way to combine that passion with a talent for art, and now manage to provide for my family by drawing cars for a living. Granted, it’s not always a Dodge project that lands on my table. But oh, when that is the case, it’s a magical mood in the Studio. A passion for the history, styling and respect for the brand become the driving force, pushing pencils and pixels to try and infuse the feeling one can only have behind the wheel of a mighty MOPAR. We live the brand in our home as well, having enjoyed the reliability of our minivan which shared many a great memory over a decade plus, and the recent giggles and grins in our 2012 Challenger, I hope to share the excitement and experiences of all sides of Dodge.




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