Ralph Gilles Announces Big Plans for Dodge

Ralph Gilles, President & CEO for Dodge announced his long term plan for the brand. He announced 11 new or updated vehicles by 2014. Download his presentation  here.


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    2011 DODGE CHALLENGER WITH 6.4L HEMI………………….


  • RLD
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    We don’t comment on future product questions and have not announced 2011 Challenger changes, rest assured SRT with Auto will be available.

    Is B5 Blue a color we need to bring back?

  • jre
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    I’m wondering if the 2011 Challenger refresh means the 2011 model year (aka, it would come out next fall) or it won’t happen until the year 2011?

    I’m hoping the refresh means the new phoenix v6 engine and an updated interior (New steering wheel please!!)

  • coolmancool
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    If the refresh is close to the one that was unveiled at Allpar.com, then leave it alone. It needs to look tapered and sleek like a 68-70 Charger. Do a Challenger thing and keep it close to the old design. Thanks!

  • 07pw1rt
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    Is Sublime a color we might look forward to with future Challenger models?

  • HEMIhead
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    6.4L HEMI 450HP announced in plan.

  • Tamuycaro
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    You need to post video of presentation the way Apple does. Look at their website to see how they post keynote speeches.

  • moparman
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    Well, there is a teaser side view of the “charger” redesign, and while I have been really hoping it would be more like the challenger (ie, actually retro, actually look like a charger), it seems they went for more of a ’99 concept look.

    Now, I liked the ’99 concept, but they specifically said they were gonna make it look more like the ’68 to ’70 models. That door doesn’t look right by that definition. I know, I own a ’69. Of course, it still has the other two doors, so in order for me to like it it’s gonna have to be extremely pretty overall and look alot more retro than the current version.

    As much as I am letting my bubble burst ahead of time from this pictrue, I wish they would just show us and get it over with. Perhaps with enough lead time, some of our suggestions might help with “last minute” changes to the look. Hey, it worked with the challenger. Many suggestions were heard and implemented. Whatever you do, do not remove the v-8 from this car, and I don’t mean just the expensive versions. While your at it, save yourself some time and money an just sell two basic versions, the charger (v-6 or v8, and the charger R/T, you know “road & track”. “Street and racing technology”….bleh, let tuner cars be tuner cars, go muscle or go home.

    Please Dodge, Your listening and we appreciate it, don’t screw this up…again.

    P.S.: At least entertain the idea of a coupe version, or come out with the charger coupe and coronet sedan instead. That’s how it was, and should be again. Thanks.

  • moparman
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    oops, sorry about the typos, been a long day.

  • Doug
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    I really don’t get what is happening here. No offense but can any of you people who are talking about hemi this, v8 that, even afford what it takes to live with a car like that. You need to ask yourselves if I can only drive one car for the next 5 years what would it be. Use common sense! You need to get to work, go to the grocery store, afford fuel to go on vacations, haul your kids or stuff, drive in all types of weather. But you want to keep up with the rice rockets at the track, and some old muscle at the strip, and be able to do basic repairs on your own. The Dodge Omni GLH! Give this car back to us and I guarantee you will find your way to the future. We just need some common sense for now to get us through. Bring it back but don’t change anything about it other than the paint. They have proved themselves to be everything to almost everyone. You did it right once, I dare you to do it again.

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    2011 does mean it will be out late next fall.
    We don’t comment on future products, so no news on the engine or interior.

  • Adams
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    I agree with the omnipresent glh’s return. The all around numbers on that car were magical. Put in a couple of airbags (without changing that steering wheel) and make a roll cage standard. If I had the money I would by the rights and plans to that car and start my own company. Not only would I laugh all the way to the bank, I would feel good about it. New technology is great, even if global warming isn’t true I think electric cars are awesome. Just give us something that’s fun, usable, and affordable until we catch up with it, or it catches up with us.

  • moparman
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    I currently own a 1969 Dodge Charger (440 auto), a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix, a 2002 Honda XR650L motorcycle, and a 1991 Ford Crown Vic (LTD) with a 302.

    I make over $30.00 an hour and my wife makes just over half what I make.

    All our vehicle are paid off and the only real expenses we have are the house payment and the body shop ($24000.00 for body and paint on the ’69 !!!).

    Any other non relevent points you want to make? If I ever buy a new Charger, it will be because it’s a muscle car, not for fuel economy or to take my kids to school.

    And as far as that goes, I drove the ’69 for 3 1/2 years as my daily driver to include driving it to work, picking up groceries (huge trunk!), going to dinner, car shows, cruise-ins, visiting family in other parts of the state, and just generally getting it wideways whenever I could, becuase I knew I wouldn’t after the bodywork and paint was done.

    The reallity is, no two customers are alike, no two humans are alike, and alot of people want a modern “retro” Dodge Charger coupe muscle car, but we’ll take a sedan that’s at least close.

  • moparman
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    Oops, that’s “sideways” not wideways, it’s late at night here in balad, and I’m tired!

  • The Snowman
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    The power point presentation didn’t really say much of anything. Just more lofty marketing “buzz” words.
    BTW, what’s the word on a drop-top challenger? Targa? T-tops?

  • A100guy
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    As for the return of B5 Blue or any other retro color for that matter. Id like to see them return for limited periods…..maybe when the 6.4 is released? Also, I think Serial Numbered Dash Plaques are a cool idea. Oh, and my 2010 Plum Crazy SRT8 Challenger is in….Please get the order correct! Thank You…………
    Oh, I know this will never happen BUT for those of us who cant wrap our brains around a four door Charger maybe a good compromise would be rear doors with hidden exterior handles. I know Saturn had them a few years back and The RX-7 has them too.
    Thanks for letting me vent……………..

  • hemi
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    Mr. Gilles,

    I ask and encourage you to prioritize builds for special orders. I know that we are not your customers – the dealers are your customers. But, when we are so enthusiastic and committed such that we put down our coin to order a car, we deserve your immediate attention. Otherwise, we feel like you assume our alligiance and take for business for granted.

  • Kory Scott
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    It’s good to hear you are taking the company in a new direction, it’s too bad you lost some loyal customers such as myself along the way. I own the 2006 Dodge Charger and only have 24,000 miles. In August of 2009 the car literally started to fall apart, my air conditioner vents fell off, my control panel for my driver side locks fell down in the door panel, I had a diagnostic test completed in which revealed I needed a new FCM, and WCM, now on November 2, 2009 my car has become stuck in park. I have taken my car to another dealership and now they tell me it’s not my FCM it is the radiator fans are both out. Remind you only have 24,000 miles and guess what it is no longer under warranty. It is sad the only option your company could give me is to purchase and extended warranty for $1,400.00 in which you will only cover 50% due to the problems occurring out of warranty. Real nice way to take care of your customer! The icing on the cake my husband who has purchased 4 of your trucks in the past 8 years now has the 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4X4, and has had his air conditioner stop working 5 times in two years. They have changed 2 compressors, the vent door was replaced and which now has to be replaced again, the dryer has been replaced, and of course we need another new compressor. Oh by the way his warranty has just expired also. I will never purchase another Dodge or Chrysler product ever again and I will be sure to pass this along to every single person who considers to purchase your product.

    Very dissatisfied Customers!!!

  • Tazallen
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    Dear Mr. Gilles,

    Please keep the Viper!!!!! If you want to keep Dodge as the cutting edge of performance market, I cannot thank of a better one-two combo then the Viper and the Challenger !!!!!!!!!!!

    I have started to see some of the new advertising for the Dodge Amplify, but more is needed!!! It is amazing how many people to this day do not know about the new Challenger!!!!!!!

    In closing new things are great but remember what Walter P. Chrysler mission statement was: Give the car buying public,style,comfort and performance that is affordable. That statement still rings true today!!!!!!!!!


  • coolmancool
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    Ralph, Sergio, Mark,

    Can we make one of these? Most of us would put a second mortgage on our homes for one.


  • coolmancool
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    Here is the finished Daytona Challenger. I don’t really care for the color and I think they went a little overboard with the accents, but it could work with the corporate touch.


  • indyrider
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    Mr Giles:

    Sublime green challenger, while I still have money. I think this is an easy decision, that will sell challengers in 2010. Options, wings, spoilers, wheels, stripes, refer to GM’s Camaro offerings for 2010. Lets do this soon, as I want to support Dodge, but I cannot continue to sit on the fence, with little information coming out.

    This would be my first Dodge purchase, so I hope that provides some level of motivation to step it up in the Challenger arena. Otherwise, I guess I don’t buy a car, since this is not a must have purchase.

  • indyrider
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    And I apologize in advance for the bad spelling of your name. The coffee hasn’t kicked in yet…

  • coolmancool
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    Color should NEVER be the issue. Change the cars, add spoiler, stripe, hood scoop, grill, taillight options. This is unbelieveable that we have to beg for a sublime green Challenger. Dodge and Fiat should be ashamed of themselves!

  • jre
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    I’ll just ramble off my 2011 wishlist . . .

    -New V6 engine! Hopefully it’ll get close or match the camaro’s 300hp and 18/29mpg.

    -Some interior upgrades. A new steering wheel is a must but some new options besides black would be nice. Take a cue from the new mustang interior, which is very nice.


    -Hood emblem. I’m guessing since Ram has been spun off into its own brand we’ll see the ram head disappear from the hood of Dodge cars. Plain Dodge lettering on the hood like the originals would be awesome.

    -Better colors. They don’t have to be the special high impact colors, just something but the plain everyday car colors that are “gracing” the challenger right now.

  • Marlo VanDunk
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    Mr. Gilles,

    I have encountered some of your vehicles online and in a few of your NY locations. The changes that you are bringing to these vehicles are not only eye-catching, but they share look with value. As a previous Ford Fan, I have had the opportunity to look at the Dodge Journey in one of the sales locations in my area and I fell for the SXT in the showroom. I am looking to get a corporate contact for your company, as my experience in this location was unacceptable. In my search online, I have not been able to get a specific contact number for the corporate sales office. I would like to share this information. Thanks.

  • coolmancool
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    Can you put the 2010 car brochures online so we can download them? Thanks!

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  • Brian
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    Has anyone heard if Dodge will Launch the Rampage soon.
    I loved the Concept in 2006.

  • jre
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    First of all, he already responded to you:

    “We don’t comment on future product questions and have not announced 2011 Challenger changes, rest assured SRT with Auto will be available.

    Is B5 Blue a color we need to bring back?”

    Second of all, typing in all caps just makes your text hard to read and accomplishes nothing.

  • Bill Byford
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    Bring back the B5 Blue……………..

  • RLD
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    Hey, 07pw1rt, Mark Mallie at Chrysler Group says: We hear you loud and clear on shades of green! Sublime is definitely a color we plan to offer, we just haven’t decided the timing yet. We can tell you this, HEMI Orange is destined to return….soon!

  • Allie
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    marlo vandunk, did you ever get any information on a corporate contact? I need this information also. please email me at alykatt3@aol.com.

  • ChargerNitro
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    Manual Transmission for the V6 Charger/Chally?

  • Mark Clark
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    Dear Mr Gilles, I am a three time owner of Dodge Trucks. My question to you is why does my 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab with a Hemi already needs front wheel bearings and ball joints. Now you mite ask warrenty , well there is a whole strory behind that one, if you would like to know it e-mail me back. Anyway your dealership , i must say this, screwed me out of my warrenty and extended warrenty. So as of this point I can not drive my newer truck, it will not pass inspection and the tire is about to fall off. Can you exsplain to me why this is happening to a newer truck. I also pay 650.00 dollars a month for a nonworking truck. I am in construction and can not even use my truck for work. How do pressed bearings and ball joints go bad after two and a half years ?

  • rmb
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    Mr. Gilles, long time chrysler,dodge, mopar supporter. just have to ask why the company decided to not put the concept dodge hornet into production?? That car would have sold like gangbusters! And I think a lot of other concepts that would have done well for the company. And think chrysler corp. would be in a better position today. I have to wander sometimes why chrysler makes the choices it does. And further more why chrysler just can’t do its own thing instead of relying on other companies to use as platform builders. Don’t get me wrong I wanted the merger with chrysler and mercedes to work, partly because i’m a mercedes technicain, and a mopar enthusiast. Anyhow just thought i would put my two cents in, hope to here good things in the future for chrysler, best of luck.

  • RLD
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    coolmancool, ebrochures are scheduled to launch on January 10th.

  • RLD
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    Leslie, sorry, we don’t comment on future product questions and have not announced 2011 Challenger changes, but rest assured SRT with Auto will be available.

  • Mark Clark
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    Dear Mr. Gilles, This Mark Clark from Erie,Pa and I am looking for a response to my question about my truck, or are you like the rest of your company and does not have an answer and will not respond. You and your dealerships, because ultimately these are your trucks that come from your manufactors, are willing to take credit for all the good things but who is resposable for the not so good things. Basically as long as you sell them you can give a crap after that correct or am I wrong. I guess i will not find out unless you answer my questions. Thanks So Much Mr. Clark

  • RLD
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    Mark, sorry to hear you’re having problems with your truck. Let’s see how we can help you. Do you want to email us from the “Contact Us” link below, and we’ll see what we can do?

  • coolmancool
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    Can you offer a black interior option for the Challenger to make it look racier? I know the 2007 Detonator Yellow Charger Super Bee had it as well as the 2007 Sublime Daytona Charger and the contrast sure looked sharp. It would also look cool to see the R/T stitching in the seats like you have on the R/T Chargers with the blacked out grilles. Think about it. Thanks!

  • Larry Lightner
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    Is there any chance of a Vanishing Point edition Challenger in the future? Thanks..Larry

  • RLD
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    Allie and Marlo, can we help you locate a contact? Please email us below (there’s a Contact Us link at the bottom of the page), and we’ll see if we can track down the right person for you.

    Posted November 23, 2009 at 11:42 pm | Permalink

    Well I would like to thank Ralph and the Dodge team for keeping my dream alive with bringing HO back I had my order cancelled during the BK a HO Classic 6 speed and I hope with the news that I will finally get my HO classic it’s been over 4 years now since I seen the first pics of the concept back in Nov 2005 and I still want this car as much today as I did back then Thanks to all of the crew at Dodge for bringing back HO I will stay tuned for an order date you will have my order first thing that morning.
    Darren B

  • Mark Clark
    Posted November 24, 2009 at 10:37 am | Permalink

    Dear Ralph, It is always a good thing to hear nice responses to you and your company but here’s my problem again, NO RESPONSE FROM ANYONE ! Not you, of coarse not, you do not have time for a common man one that uses his truck as his source of income and physically works for a living. Nor does your company care it seems. Its funny how the blue collar people buy your trucks and yous can give a crap as long as you get your paycheck. Well Ralph again what happens to people that your company screws, and I will use screwed because my truck is not running ( 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 with Hemi ) this my second lemon from your company that your so proud of, maybe we should find out how many others there are with these problems. Some response would be nice from someone. Thats ok Ill just facebook,twitter, and My space for similar people with issues about your trucks. Then we all blog you and your company. Thanks so much Mr Clark

    • RLD
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      Mark, again we’re sorry you’re having trouble. Just so you know, we DID respond, more than a week ago…we said: “Mark, sorry to hear you’re having problems with your truck. Let’s see how we can help you. Do you want to email us from the ‘Contact Us’ link below, and we’ll see what we can do?” So far we haven’t heard from you…It has to be handled that way because we need to know and log specific information about your vehicle. Maybe you missed it, so we repeat the invitation here: Just hit “Contact Us” below and we will happily connect you to someone at Chrysler who can help you.

  • Eric Merryfield
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    Dear Ralph,

    Would it be possible to get some feedback/suggestions on the decoration of a Drag Pak Challenger I will be taking delivery of very soon? Those in design should have some thoughts and opinions on what they would like to see out on the NHRA and IHRA racetracks this spring. In regards to grassroots/semipro racers please do support them/us. Contigency programs for the NHRA are great, please consider the IHRA again also as many fine Mopar racers are found at IHRA tracks.

    Thank You

    Eric Merryfield
    Stock eliminator #1883

  • SweDane
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    Mr. Gilles,
    After 3 years and 100+ t/miles in my Chrysler 300 C CRD Touring, I’m in the market for new Dodge Challenger. Have you considered using the driveline from the Diesel powered 300C’s ?
    I am getting 35+MPG on my 300C without sacrifice in acceleration & speed.
    You would be able to sell quite a few dieselpowered Challengers in Europe and probably in The USA as well. I have noticed that Cummins are ready with their new V6 diesels – these mated to an 6-7 speed automatic would make a great combo !
    Take a close look at Audi, BMW & M-B – they all offer hightorque, fuelsipping diesels in their sportscar model lineup !
    Jan Frederiksen
    Trelleborg, SWEDEN

    • RLD
      Posted December 4, 2009 at 4:15 pm | Permalink

      Jan, hey, thanks for the overseas support! Nice to see you reading the blog…and thanks for the comments…

  • coolmancool
    Posted December 2, 2009 at 10:44 pm | Permalink

    I will second what SweDane has said. Diesels get better fuel mileage than most hybrids and they will last a lot longer. That is why VW sales are up. People are buying their gas sipping diesel models.

  • SweDane
    Posted December 5, 2009 at 4:51 am | Permalink

    Hey RLD,
    You do have more overseas supporters than you might be aware of !
    The Dodge brand has been strong in Europe for decades – alot of older guys
    remember The Power Wagons since they were used by Fire Dept’s and The Military in various
    European countries.
    Your brand are especially known in Scandinavia, and allthough the Scandinavian countries combined has the population of one of the greater US states (app 20 mio people) you will have great oppertunities “overseas” if you give people what you used to be known for ” sharp looking – affordable – hot performers !
    You will never be able to sell Calibers, Journeys, Nitros, and other poorly engineered diesel powered spin-offs !
    Let Fiat do the engineering – they know the dieselgame – put The Hornet concept on a Punto chassis and ship it to Europe – KACHIING !!!
    The DC merger was obviously not the “match made in heaven ” and allthough i personally drive the only good thing ever to come out of that marriage – The Chrysler 300 C with the M-B OM 642 V6 diesel – it s time to move on, as stated earlier – stuff a diesel in The Challenger – look at Audi A% 3.0 TDI !!!!
    You have a very good brand – for lot’s of Europeans’ it is as exotic to drive US-cars as it is for people living in New Jersey to drive Audi & BMW’s !
    Jan Frederiksen
    Treleborg, SWEDEN

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